The Beale of Boregal

A prelude adventure

For various reasons Ben,Hyp,Kelleina,Lucol and Rani have been travelling along the Wondering Way.
Stopping one night to rest at one of the mouth cairns the conversation around the warming fire turned to the recent spat of attacks on travelers within the protection of the cairns and the general rise in the aggressive behavior of the local animals.
Upon waking the next day the travelers hear the sound of an approaching herd and a large cloud of dust stirred up as it approaches. Soon it becomes apparent that it is a single beast, a scutimorph ridden by two people, which quickly arrived at the cairn, rearing up to a stop before the onlooking small gathering of people.
After talking to the riders the group discovered they were brother and sister named Patel and Seria and that their village was under attack by creatures. Upon hearing their story and seeing that the young girl was in distress they arranged for Seria to be taken to a nearby town of healing with some of the Peregrines while they accompanied Patel back to his village. Kelleina seemed to feel some of the distress that Seria was going through.
Travelling quickly to Patel’s village in the False Woods Kelleina started feeling uneasy and queezy in the strange forest and they soon came under attack by another agitated scutimorph which they decided to bypass after a short exchange of blows in which Ben pinned it to the ground losing his spear in the process. Soon after they arrived at the village just as it came under attack by near invisible creatures called pallones. after helping the villagers dispatch the creatures they looked around at the damage caused by the recent series of attacks and were greeted by Patel’s mother Naedi. They stayed and helped the villagers while gathering information about recent events in the area.


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