A charming Nano who commands mental powers


Might: 8
Speed: 12
Intellect: 16 (Edge: 1)


  • Trained in all tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction
  • Trained when using esoteries or abilities that influence the minds of others
  • Inability at studying or retaining facts
  • Inability at resisting mental attacks
  • Training in understanding and identifying numenera


  • Practiced With Light Weapons
  • Esoteries: Push, Ward


  • Clothing
  • Dagger (x2)
  • A book about the Numenera
  • Three cyphers
  • One oddity. A semicircular device of metal and glass that projects a harmless thin red beam up to 50’ when activated.
  • Psionic Crystal/Jewel artifact (+1 Int when worn, -5 Int when without it)
  • Shins: 14

Telepathic connection with other PC:
Important contact with influential NPC:

  • Grew up with a loving, protective, accepting family
  • Non-violent parents
  • Younger brother
  • Parents accepted Kelleina’s telepathic ability, but it was kept a secret (mother was also telepathic, unknowingly to Kelleina)
  • The place Kelleina lived was intolerant of anything that was deemed abnormal. When Kelleina’s abnormality was discovered, a mob formed to sacrifice her due to her unacceptable mutation. With the help of her parents, Kelleina convinced (her first powerful success with her innate ability to charm) a couple transient mercenaries to hide and take her and her brother to the safety of her uncle Pelias (I’m still not sure about this aspect of Kelleina’s history and may want to change it)
  • Kelleina’s parents were killed by the mob as they tried to help her
  • Kelleina and her brother were raised by her aunt and uncle as a teenager
  • Kelleina’s uncle Pelias (her mother’s brother) was also telepathic
  • Pelias nurtured Kelleina’s mental powers and martial training with daggers
  • Kelleina’s aunt nurtured her social relationships and charming nature
  • As a result, Kelleina regards Pelias as a mentor
  • Kelleina distrusts larger groups of people
  • Although charismatic and friendly, Kelleina doesn’t have many friends
  • Kelleina will hide her mental powers so no harms comes to her friends and family
  • Part of Kelleina’s purpose for exploring is to find an extant culture that celebrates their mental powers (along with any Numenera)
  • Kelleina likes to gamble, learning early that it’s a practical use of her telepathy (again, not sure about this aspect. Might depend on how telepathy works). However, gambling can also cause her grief due to her weak willpower.


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