A clumsy Nano who talks to machines


connection: Rani throws off the machines she’s trying to connect with when he’s nearby.
She has a telepathic connection with Kellina

Might: 12
Speed: 7
Intellect: 15 (Edge 1)

Small bag of tools
Book about Numenera
1 Oddity – a synth disc (will restore a rotten piece of fruit or veg after a period of time)
3 cyphers
1 weapon – a “Rachet like” wrench

Pleasant social interactions (deprecating)
Dumb Luck
No balance, hand/eye coordination, grace


Hyp has grown up with her grandmother in Guran, who is now quite elderly but a respected healing woman in her working class neighbourhood. Hyp has few memories of her parents, and her parentage is a subject that her grandmother has never been willing to discuss. Hyp is close to her grandmother, and though she is friendly and sociable, she has few friends of the human variety.

She works with one of the local jacks and is especially good at fixing machines, mostly because she has an inside track on what’s wrong with them. She’s so good at diagnosing the problems he will overlook the numerous times she’s dropped a piece of equipment or broken one of his numerous prosthetic arms.

Hyp is clumsy—almost unnaturally so. While most people assume it’s a natural lack of grace, Hyp is often distracted by the machines in her environment. They speak to her — often barging into her thoughts unwelcome — and so it can appear sometimes to outsiders like she is talking to herself. She’s happy to keep up the illusion that she is merely eccentric, as she’s seen first hand the undercurrent of fear about people with abilities like her. Not long ago, Hyp was attacked on her way home from the market by two members of the notorius Zurland gang, who accused her of being a witch, or a mutant. She escaped, but not before killing one of them in the process. She has never told anyone about it, not even her grandmother. Only a couple of her favourite machines know the truth.


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